Founded in 2017, JAMS Distributors LLC is a global wholesaler and retailer based in Miami, FL, USA. Our mission is to become the one-stop for wholesaling and retailing solutions in today’s complex and globalized marketplace.

With manufacturers and purchasers scattered around the globe; activities such as quality controls, shipping logistics, customer service focus, and full cycle (start to finish) support, are complex to perform to ensure results are meeting expectations.

With established and proven high efficiency processes, JAMS Distributors offers global and local buyers the ability to access new, trending, high quality products, in a variety of categories, at competitive prices. With customer service and delivery systems enabling easy and timeless access, JAMS ensure customer expectations and satisfaction are always met.

Not only that, at JAMS we see ourselves as your partners in this marketplace. Ensuring your business success is an integral and critical path to JAMS’s one. For this reason, JAMS prices are placed at competitive global values, and products are selected for high reselling opportunities. In addition, tailored JAMS programs such as the Referrals, Advocate Seller, and/or Seasonal Packages/Displays are one of the multiple options our customers have to Make Money with JAMS. With the ultimate goal of building long lasting business relationship with both global sellers and buyers.


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