At JAMS we see both Individuals and Organizations as our partners in the Global Wholesaling Industry. As partners, one of our primary goals is to enable profiting from doing business with JAMS. For this reason we have designed tailored plans for both Individuals and Businesses/Organizations:

Learn Your Options


  • JAMS Account –  By creating a JAMS Account you will gain access to Wholesale Pricing, Special Discounts, Online Member Exclusive Offers, Preview of our Upcoming Products, Pre-Order Ability and many more!
  • Referrals – One of the simplest and easiest ways to benefit as an individual is the JAMS Referral Program (Guide & Rules). With the program any qualified purchase with a referral from an individual will count towards collecting different prizes and products.
  • Advocate Seller Program – As an Advocate Seller, JAMS offers individuals the opportunity to promote and sale our products to other businesses without dealing with inventory, logistics, and other operational tasks. An excellent opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs!
  • JAMS Seasonal Packages – Specially tailored for highly motivated profit-seeking individuals. JAMS Seasonal Packages offers access to wholesale pricing for specific products and quantities for resale opportunities. These products are sold as a single packages and are available to individuals upon request. CONTACT US

Businesses & Organizations:

  • Competitive Pricing – JAMS offers local and global businesses the advantage of accessing competitive prices that allow high-margin resale opportunities.
  • Customer Service Focus – At JAMS one of our primary focus is our Customer Service. From beginning to end we support businesses to ensure service quality and expectations are met, with the ultimate goal of ensuring full customer satisfaction.
  • Delivery & Quality Assurance – With a high emphasis in customer satisfaction, at JAMS we guarantee the delivery and quality expectations set in each order.
  • Sell with JAMS – Please contact our dedicated business development team for more details on how to sell your brand and/or products through the JAMS Distributors Platform.
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